05 Feb 2015



05 Feb 2015



Investigate Internal Market Audit

The Maximise Business Courses leave nothing to chance – indeed our work already starts long before the seminar begins.

A complete and detailed Internal Market Audit (the IMA) is carried out at least 6 weeks before the start of each seminar. It covers: expectations of the course; past experience with training seminars; detailed information relating to the business in the participant’s segment or geographical area; the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats that they feel face their business etc.

Prepared by us, but with your help, it asks for feedback and input from each participant before they arrive. In this way, their views can actually be integrated into the training they will receive. A link is thereby created and a true bond is formed. We investigate so as to Maximise what people receive.

Did you ever gather detailed business intelligence and market views from all your people in the field?Initiate

Did you ever ask in detail what they think about your commercial tools, about the competition, strengths and weaknesses they experience in their daily business?

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