05 Feb 2015



05 Feb 2015



Increase Personal Follow-Up
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Maximise means maximise. So follow-up is essential and necessary to guarantee optimal results.

First, all the documentation and presentations are made available on a special web portal – all the ideas are thus collected and disseminated for best commercial use.

Secondly, feedback is solicited and studied through a “Participant Satisfaction Audit”, or PSA. Each aspect of the seminar is examined – good and bad – and presented in a report for future use.

The PSA also gives everybody a chance to express their opinion on the content of the event. In this way, they feel that they are involved, and special too.button-3

A “Personal Follow-Up” or PFU program with intermediate Q&A can be set up and implemented by The London Marketing Office. We Maximise to increase current and future return on investment.

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